Wikileaks’ Jacob Appelbaum mentions Bradley Manning, this site at hacker conference

Jacob Appelbaum filled in Saturday for Julian Assange by making a keynote address on behalf of Wikileaks at the Next Hope hacker conference in New York City.

Appelbaum’s inspiring talk includes discussion of how Wikileaks works, the successes it’s had in the past and its plans for the immediate future. Among other topics, he discussed how Wikileaks’ publication of documentation of the causes of Iceland’s banking crisis led to the creation of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, which promises to make the country a haven for journalism and transparency in the internet age.

You can listen to Jacob’s hour-plus presentation online at Starting around 36:40 in the recording, he begins to address the case of Collateral Murder, Bradley Manning and the “journalist” who betrayed him — and who, according to the enthusiastic audience, shall henceforward have no name in their community. He also mentions, and has praise for the work in Manning’s support coming together here.

Worth a listen, if you have the time.

7 thoughts on “Wikileaks’ Jacob Appelbaum mentions Bradley Manning, this site at hacker conference

  1. At HOPE, I organized a postcard drive, and will be sending 77 postcards to Manning in batches over the next month. This site was also announced during at least 3 talks.


    Thankfully there are courageous people like Bradley or the citizens of the world would be hostage to the lies of the media.

  3. I wish I could help more. Unfortunately I live in Japan and I’m underage, so there is not much I can do. All I’m doing is spreading the link to this site in every Youtube video I find about the collateral murder. I know it’s not much, but it’s all I can do for now.

  4. As an old “Hippie” who protested the Vietnam war I toally suport this young mans courage!!!

    I don’t often comment on these on-line postings but this one hits my heart.

    Having been berated for telling a cadet during Rememberance Day we should forget about war I have a passion not for peacekeeping forces but a total end to war as a form of foreign policy.

    I don’t dump on the forces that went before, however I do dump on anyone entering the milatary now as young men that are letting old men con them into giving their lives just so these old men can get an erection!!!!

    As a side comment to these politico types I’m talking about, Sorry at 57 I can still get it up just from a glance and smell of a desirable woman. what your problem?

    More truth less deception and finally people will see we really need to get along! It is a small world and we need to share folks!! Let him go!!!!!!

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