Update 12/17/12: Happy Birthday Bradley!

Today is Bradley Manning’s 25th birthday, and his third birthday in prison without trial. Please write him a letter of support as he prepares for his upcoming court martial in March, here are just a few of the wonderful messages of support we’ve received so far!

Dear Bradley
I will be offering my support to you far beyond your temporary unjust restriction from the not so free USA. However I will always think of your bravery and if there is anything I can do to make your days brighter I will. Art food music?

Happy B-Day Bradley
Thank you. You are an inspiration to millions worldwide.
Greetings from cold Finland
I sincerely wish you all the best.

Dear Bradley,
I wish I could do more for you than to write you an email wishing you a happy birthday (better than a Facebook ‘happy birthday : P )
I am 100% in your corner and support everything you have done.  There are millions upon millions of people that support you.
Happy birthday again.

Happy Birthday Bradley Manning,
Well, at least as happy it can be considering where you are.  I am one of your millions of supporters and admirers around the world, a world which desperately needs to know what is going on in it.  We thank you for letting us know some of the things those in power hide from the rest of us.  Stay brave and steadfast.  One day (soon I hope) you will be free.  One day (soon I hope) the world will be free and you will be universally praised as a maker of that freedom.

Dear Bradley,
I am an American living overseas and just wanted to take this time to thank you personally for the courage and moral values that you have shown to have.  You are an amazing young man and every mother would be proud to have you as her son.  These difficult years behind bars are honing your character and God only knows the strength and determination that this will add to you when you are released and can begin again in a new direction.  I hope that you will have a special birthday despite the gloom and that there will be seeds of happiness in it.  As of today I will add you to my prayers.

Happy Birthday Bradley!

I know you haven´t been going through happy days, but I wish you the most happy birthday ever. You have plenty to be happy about, Bradley, because you are a true leader, you are what  America should be all about. Your brave actions in carrying out your oath to support and defend the Constitution is enviable, by any standard. I spent eight years on active duty and two years in the reserve (1960 to 70) and you make my proud to be called a vet, very proud. Many guys have obtained medals in illegal and immoral wars (not their fault) – most for supporting actions in defiance of our Constitution and breaking national and international laws, while you have directly supported our Constitution and laws. I don´t know what I´d have done in your situation – I can only dream about it, while you actually did it.

I am truly sorry for what you´re going through, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that decision. Thank you.

Hi Bradley, My best wishes on your 25th birthday. I’m a WWII Navy vet who appreciates you as a person of high principle and would be proud to have you as a grandson.





83 thoughts on “Update 12/17/12: Happy Birthday Bradley!

  1. I believe that democracy is a way for our civilization to ‘grow up’ because we all need to be responsible for the decisions we make. This includes our elected officials and what they ask others to do on our behalf. Thank you Bradley for choose the hard, right road and I will remember that your birthday reminds me of this.

  2. You are an inspiration. Not too many are brave enough to stand up to the US government and military and support what is right. I wish you patience, energy and peace on your birthday and going forward through your ordeal.

  3. Bradley Manning, one of the heroes of our time. The price you paid will never be forgotten by our generation. Happy 25th mate. To think that we were born a month apart, yet you have shown bravery that I will never know. If you make it out of this, the world will hold you up and embrace you.

  4. Happy 25th, Bradley!

    In honor of your birthday, I’ll be grading about 100 papers this week written by my Ethics students about you and your case. I hope you don’t mind being used as a case study. My students are spending your birthday finishing up figuring our their views about your case, applying ethical theories and critical thinking tools to clarify and argue for their views. Regardless of their overall views, I just wanted you to know that there will be 100 more people in Minnesota who are relatively well-informed about your case.

  5. My best wishes are with you for health and happiness. Hopefully soon, you will be able to breath fresh air. What you have been put through for your honesty and integrity is a disgrace.

  6. Thank you for standing up for those of us who were lied to, those of us who work in the media, and those of us who deserve to hear the truth about how our government operates and what they do in our name.

    You’re currently paying the price for standing up, and I salute you. Godspeed to you, and good luck.

  7. …One day (soon I hope) you will be free. One day (soon I hope) the world will be free and you will be universally praised as a maker of that freedom…
    Happy Birthday American Gandhi, Hero!

  8. Dear Bradley,

    Happy Birthday! Your situation might be difficult. But you are changing the world. You recovered my faith in humanity. Thank you!

    In ten years my children will come back from school and tell me what they have learned about Bradley Manning, a brave guy who saved democracy.

    Greetings from Germany
    I sincerely wish you all the best.

  9. I think that what you are going through–how you are being treated– is the real crime in your story! That far outweighs anything that you are accused of doing. As a psychologist, I applaud what you are doing (according to news sources) to stay sane such as dancing. Consider yourself in the same category as Nelson Mandela when he was imprisoned because of the color of his skin, or anyone who has been a P.O.W. Let their courage stand as an inspiration for you to stay strong and stay true to yourself. The world is watching and you are not and will never be forgotten.

  10. Happy Birthday Bradley. The world is by your side, probably you didn’t even know what you did would have become such an inspiration for all of us.

  11. Wishing you a very happy birthday Bradley, I know that sounds a bit daft, you being illegally locked up, but, the wish for you is there!!!! May God bless you xxx

  12. Bradley,

    Sometimes we are compelled to do what is right, even in the face of knowing it may not be popular, or it may jeopardize our own freedom. In the bible, there are stories of those whom God has called on to do his work, those whom have suffered for it are blessed by the Lord. I applaud your bravery, and I will be thinking about your birthday as the day God brought forth a courageous man who was born to stand for truth. Truth is defined as sincerity in action, character and utterance. I am praying for your release, and for the comfort of your family. Ephesians 4:25 “Therefore having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.” Happy Birthday, and May God be with you. Bobbie Jo

  13. Happy birthday Bradley. You are the America’s hero.

    I hope you will receive the Nobel Peace Prize soon – Obama certainly has not deserved it.

    Please stay well and courageous !! Yours, Pero

  14. Happy birthday Bradley. You’re only 25 years old? You have so much strength and conviction for someone that young. For what you did, you should have been a contender for President of the United States, not held in a kangaroo court. True people of conscience always suffer because we live in a rotten world. Stay strong and remember so many people worldwide are rooting for you. Hey maybe you’ll become another Nelson Mandela, who knows. History will not be kind to the United States – which is what it deserves – but you will be a hero to future generations. You already are a hero now!

  15. Happy Birthday! and thank you for having the balls to do the right thing.You occupy the moral high ground and the mother fuckers can’t take it from you.You are in my prayers and when the revolution starts you will be liberated!

  16. Happy Birthday Bradley!

    What remarkable courage you have! Thank you for all that you have done for us. Please know that you are never far from our thoughts and hearts!

    May this be the last birthday you ever spend inside a prison!

    much love and admiration


  17. Dear Bradley. I am so sorry that you are suffering so much. I live in France and we have never met but I am as proud of you, and as sad and fearful for you, as I would be if you were my own child. May it end soon. I send you my love and deep thanks.

  18. Dear Bradley Manning,
    Happy Birthday Bradley! I think of you often and support you and your actions to reveal, through wiki-leaks information which we all attribute to the beneficial actions of the Arab Spring. I hope your trial goes just as well as it possibly can and I hope for you a pardon from a President someday and complete exoneration. I agree your picture should have been on Time Magazine’s person of the year. I am just sorry for your circumstance. I am sorry for all the difficulty of imprisonment. Truly I am sorry for the way you have been treated. It may be little consolation, but I believe you will be treated very differently in the history books. So many people from all over the world know about you and appreciate what you have done, for transparency, for freedom, for democracy. Thank you for your courage, your sacrifice; you are amazing. I am a proud Oklahoman to count you among the ranks of Karen Silkwood, as amazing “whistle blowers.” Have a good 25th birthday and holiday season. Most Sincerely, Elaine Barton, Oklahoma City

  19. Happy Birthday to a wonderful courageous and moral young person- our dear Bradley- who now belongs to all of us- as part of our family. Who else had the bravery to speak up for unfortunate innocents targeted for pain, fear, and abuse by the most powerful armed forces of the world? Dear Bradley, when you put your freedom and future out on the line to defend the rights of the defenseless and most despised, you exemplified what the Prince of Peace would want from all of us. When you tried to stop illegal and immoral abuse and were shut down by your supervisors, you persevered and risked all to protect and defend the Constitutional rights of all of us- giving us the gift of Truth.
    With much love and respect.

  20. Dear Bradley
    You followed your conscience. Gratulation! It´s a shame: Your politicians in power hate you for this. Wake up mankind: How can we stop America´s war against truth?

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you, BRADLEY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are a hero, and we love you very much. Praying for the day you are honoured as such. PEACE, Brother.

  22. Thank you so much for what you are doing for truth in this world. You have done more than your fair share. The rest is up to us. Please know that you are not forgotten and your heroic sacrifice is recognized by millions of people who are actually paying attention to what is going on. You stand in the company of the brave souls who have stood up to evil in all it’s forms in the world; members of the underground railroad who stood up to slavery, people who resisted the Nazis and smuggled children and babies out of the ghettos, millions of recognized and unrecognized people of consciousness and bravery. Please know that on your birthday we are thinking of you and honoring your courage. Hold your head high no matter what they do to you. You are a true hero!
    Much love,

  23. I hope for your freedom always. Happy Birthday and just know that I support you and feel you are a wise, heroic young man!

  24. Happy Birthday Bradley… know that many people are thinking about you, and truth will prevail!!! You are a hero to the American People. Hang in there, it will all work out.

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that by this time next year you’re breathing the fresh air of freedom! You’ve helped point our country in the right direction — now we just have to get the dingbats in charge to notice… and act!

  26. Thank you Bradley for your courage in doing the right thing. You are a true Hero respected World-over. Living in Kansas just a few miles from the Leavenworth prison, we think of you and hope that you might hear kind words often said about you on the Kansas City Community Radio Station KKFI 90.1 FM and streaming on-line live. If you have a radio, you might listen to “Tell Somebody” by Tom Klammer airing each night at 6 PM CST. We, your friends, are in the millions and wish you the best.

  27. Dear Bradley,
    Like millions of other people, I am disgusted and saddened by your internment. As a documentary maker I salute you…..as we say ‘don’t shoot the messenger!’. Much love and mana (strength) to you Bradley. We are walking with you in spirit…Best Wishes xx

  28. Bradley,
    You have done the right thing and I thank you for that. I wish there were more like you because I know for a fact there are generals out there right now who know more of the truth that will die with them rather than show the courage you have already shown. God bless you and we stand behind you.

  29. Happy Birthday, Bradley. You a brilliant ray of hope in this dark untruthful world. An American hero who deserves the best treatment and certainly not confinement of any kind.

    • I am sorry you do not want to face the truth and wake up. Shame on you for failing to realize that what he leaked were crimes of treason. I did not realize traitors liked to reveal themselves so openly. And surely if you would rather keep crimes of treason secret than you truly must be that which you accuse Bradley of being.

    • Sorry, but for me , you are more like a traitor. You betray the spirits of the constitution. By the way, people should be a traitor when the government is so corrupted that it sent its soldier to nonsense war field killing innocent people and covering those crimes by classifying the information and started to harm basic human rights both insider and outside the country. You betray the government but you’ll save the country.

    • The US is a terrorist. I don’t want tax money going to terrorists. That includes the “state department.” You, Randal, obviously, approve of US terrorism. This policy is what puts US citizens in danger. This is treason.

  30. Happy Birthday to a hero.

    You’ve showed the world what evil is done in secrecy.

    We pray for your release.

    Be well,
    Dean Muesing

  31. Happy Birthday Bradley! I have your picture above my desk as your courage and ethics are an inspiration to peace loving peoples all over the world, and also to those of us in the United States who call our leadership to accountability. I pray for you and I wish you kindness on your birthday.

  32. Sending you so much love from Toronto Canada, Bradley, and from the bottom of lots of Canadian hearts on your 25th birthday! In Iraq, you made a choice to take a stand for justice and peace and humanity, and we thank you so much for your courage and strength! Sending you support as we stand with you now and in the days ahead. Will keep working to make sure that next year, you’ll celebrate in freedom! Peace, hugs and love, Charlotte

  33. Happy Birthday, Bradley. What you did was right, never forget that, and shame on the United States of Amerika for pointing the finger at you and screaming Traitor while trying to cover up its war crimes. Support from Denmark.

  34. You did the right thing, Bradley. I am sorry that you are suffering so much for it. But you are a hero in my mind. This world is so crazy, it gives me comfort to believe that all is not as it appears, and it is about more than just one lifetime on this planet. People like Mitt Romney, rich beyond all dreams, a bid for presidency, yet I do not think he is winning. It only appears that way. He compromises values and freedoms, and profits from suffering on a regular basis. You, sitting in jail, it looks like you have lost, but you haven’t. You are a winner, you are the hero. You didn’t compromise your sense of what is right to keep yourself safe. And if you leave this life having suffered for that, I believe you will be rewarded by your growth and strength. I don’t know how, but I do believe it. I don’t know if I would have been as brave as you, but you inspire me to be, so thank you.

  35. Dear Bradley,

    A belated happy birthday! Please know that your courage has inspired the world, and has made it a better place. Thank you for all you have done. We continue to hope and to work for your speedy release.

    In solidarity,

  36. Best wishes on your birthday and thank you for your sacrifice.You have support from all around the world .Very few have the courage to expose the atrocities commited by mentally unstable people and their leaders .Only cowards hide the truth and dont speak out .This I dont have respect for .you knew right from wrong and exposed the wrong god bless you for your courage and helping to end this invasion that has killed and maimed so many of our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians just to keep the oil machine running.

  37. I’m honored to share the same birthday with a true hero for freedom, liberty, and the common man. It’s a travesty that you remain at the mercy of a corrupt, unjust system.

  38. Sorry I missed your birthday. You have a lot of people behind the actions you took and I fear too many of us have failed to show our gratitude for your actions. I pray the Lord will keep you safe. I do believe in truth, I do believe truth will win, just sometimes it seems she gets slowed down from all the deception and darkness in this world. You are a light unto a dark world, your voice and convictions rational in a world that has been turned upside down by double speak and dark forces. This is a battle of the spirits and we already know how that ends, God and truth do win. Keep the faith young man, maintain the convictions of your heart. Cause like they say those that fail to stand up for something will fall for anything. Thank God you are not in that group. You have followed the word and allowed your light to shine in a dark world. God Bless you. You are a patriot and a hero. Thank you again for standing up and being counted.
    respectfully. Peace to you. May God continue to keep you.

  39. Bradley,

    You represent what is GOOD in this world. You are so young, yet so brave. You honored the oaths you took to serve your country and the Constitution and for that I Thank You!

    You love Humanity and it shows!

    As has been said by many, you are an inspiration to millions and millions and we are your fans and supporters.

    Happy Belated Birthday and may you be free from this insane harrassment and come home very soon!!

  40. Happy 25th Birthday Bradley from down here in Australia, id also like to wish you a Happy Birthday on behalf of our facebook group I am Bradley Manning. we are all thinking of you today and will always be 100% behind you my friend.. God bless you today and every day.

  41. Happy Birthday Bradley! We hope that you can stay focused on something creative while being caged by murderous animals. There are lots of real Americans out here who stand by you. You suffer for us and all of the future. We think of you everyday. Stay strong. In the long run you will be appreciated. Thank you.

  42. I hope u r able to read all the e-mails, the millions of people that think u r innocent of these said crimes.
    The united states of american is commiting a crime in holding u in jail, without trail for 3 years. The united states of america
    is commiting a crime by not allowing u to speak .
    The united states of american is commiting a crime by
    putting u in a cell where u’re mental and physical body is a risk of illness.
    The united states of american is no longer a country of honor or freedom. Shame Shame on The united states of america.

  43. dear bradley ,i hope u r able to read, all the emails
    the millions of people, who believe u r innocent of said crimes.
    the united states of america is commiting a crime by
    keeping u in jail , for 3 years without trail.
    the united states of america is commiting a crime by
    with holding u’r right of speech.
    the united states of american is commiting a crime by
    putting u in cell where u’r mental and physical body is at risk of illness.
    Never give in, never give out, never give up.
    please let ur support system , tell the public
    what u need. Books, paper, journals what ever you

  44. Dios le bendiga y le de fortaleza en todo momento mis oraciones son para usted y para Julian Assange que estan en la misma situacion Pero siempre la Justicia Divina es que la impera y no la de los hombre por que hay un Nombre que es por sobre todo nombre y en ese nombre somos mas que Victoriosos, el Nombre de JESUS
    JEREMIAS 3:33

  45. Happy Birthday Bradley from here in Sydney Australia, you are in our thoughts and pray that you are in good spirits. As Edmund Burke once said “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” thank you for standing up and fighting that evil.

    You should not feel alone, we support you and admire your courage
    May God bless you and give you the strength to get through this evil as perpetrated by the US

  46. Dear Bradley,

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having sacrificed yourself for the sake of truth. You are a true American hero, and let no one say otherwise. Maybe in several decades from now, our nation will become open enough, so that your heroism will be acknowledged.

  47. Dear Bradley,
    From France we wish you a “Happy New Year”. Should 2013 brings you what you expect.
    So young and already in WW History Books(the B of Bradley is following the A of Alexander the Great, you imagine ?)while the “others” will all disappeared in the next 10 years and earlier for some. Take care of you. We need you.

  48. Dearest hero Bradley Manning, Sorry for delaying my wishes for a happiest birthday. You are a hero the Humanity needs. Thanks! God protects you and your family. I´m praying everyday for this. I can´t make donation now for supporting your deffense, because Ibecause I´m helping the flagelated Brazilians in the NorthEastenr.
    Your Brazilian sister,
    Aurea de Andrade

  49. Bradley, I am so sorry you have had to spend so much time deprived of your liberty. Maybe, each letter you read will bring you warmth and comfort as you count one more supporter and admirer. So let me wish you a belated happy birthday and send you our wishes (from Vancouver Canada) that 2013 will bring you relief from the pressures that must weigh you down. May the thoughts of your supporters buoy you through your lonely nights.

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