Letters from Chelsea Manning regarding the Support Network & David Coombs

October 30, 2013. By the Private Manning Support Network

These four documents were received this morning by the Private Manning Support Network, c/o Courage to Resist, directly from Chelsea Manning via USPS Express Mail from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

We’ll be transcribing these letters, and adding some clarifying notes, but wanted to share them without delay.

Apologies to You [Private Manning Support Network] and Ms. Wright and Clarification to 2013.10.07 Statement for Public Release. 2013.10.28 (PDF)

Apologies Regarding 2013 Sean MacBride Peace Award and Clarification to 2013.10.07 Statement for Public Release. 2013.10.28 (PDF)

Memorandum for Private Manning Support Network: Scope of Representation by David E. Coombs. 2013.10.28 (PDF)
Although written directly to the Support Network, we believe that the information is useful for supporters beyond those currently organized within the network.

Guidelines for Correspondence and Visitation (PDF)
Note this letter is incorrectly dated 2013.10.31. We assume it was also written 2013.10.28

For reference, here is the 2013.10.17 Statement for Public Release published by The Guardian.

5 thoughts on “Letters from Chelsea Manning regarding the Support Network & David Coombs

  1. Since when exposing the truth is a crime? Since when telling the truth is punisable? Since when Justice punish the truth?
    Thank you Bradley Manning! God bless you!

    TO; The Judge

  2. I think the US has it’s priorities upside down. It glorifies those who lied us into a war which destroyed not only Iraq but many of our own people and used a tremendous amount of resources that could have been better used.
    Yet, when people like Manning and Snowden have the courage to tell us what REALLY is going on, they are imprisoned or hunted.
    We’re terribly screwed up and in need of help!

  3. I am confused about Point 4p in the pdf Guidelines for Correspondence and Visitation. It states:
    “Soliciting money, gifts, or ‘pen-pal’ relationships. Pen-pals are defined as individuals with no relationship to me prior post-trial confinement.”

    This sounds to me like people who have no relationship as a family member or friend are not supposed to write to Chelsea a this falls under mail that would get rejected, however I have seen other guidelines that state very clearly that anyone can write to Chelsea.

    Could somebody clarify this legal confusion? Thank you. Roderick.

    • Roderick, I think the idea is that it’s fine for anyone to write Chelsea, but it’s not okay to try to pressure her into responding.

  4. Chelsea Manning you are the bravest person I have ever seen and heard about! I am prior military (NAVY) and when I was serving I started to realize what the military does and I eventually had enough and got myself kicked out! I have never looked back and I will ‘Never Again Volunteer Yourself!’ I only take back the very few good moments and few friends I made! I have no regrets on how I feel and what I said about my service. I have since moved on! I now go to a university,ride a cool sportsbike, single but looking for a girlfriend, I enjoy the good moments of life, and I plan to start a business creating apps! I am a BIG dreamer and I want to live a wonderful life!
    I support for what you stand and believe in! You are the 21st century Ghandi!

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