5 ways to fight back against Army whistleblower PVT Manning’s 35-year sentence

herolightprojectionThe outcome of PVT Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning’s trial on August 21st, while better than the 60+ years the government’s prosecutors were calling for, is an outrage to the idea of American justice, and should deeply concern democracy advocates everywhere. PVT Manning’s 35-year sentence was condemned by public figures as wide ranging as Cornel West, Ron Paul, and the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project Director Ben Wizner, who stated, 

[A] legal system that doesn’t distinguish between leaks to the press in the public interest and treason against the nation will not only produce unjust results, but will deprive the public of critical information that is necessary for democratic accountability.

The truth is that the fight for PVT Manning’s freedom is far from over. In fact, there are multiple avenues for relief that could result in PVT Manning serving fewer than 10 years behind bars. Strong showings of public support will significantly improve the chances for each of these avenues to succeed. It won’t happen overnight, but with our nation’s democracy on the line, and a major precedent being set for the rights of whistleblowers everywhere, we think that continuing to organize in support of PVT Manning is the least we can do.

With that in mind, here are 5 of the most important ways you can continue to support PVT Manning right now:

1) Sign the petition AND Add your photo in support of PVT Manning’s request for presidential pardon

President Obama has already granted pardons to 39 other prisoners, and a White House spokesperson said he would give consideration to PVT Manning’s request. Showing public support for PVT Manning’s application is the best way to give her a real chance of being released in 3 years, or even sooner.  Sign our petition on Whitehouse.gov, and then submit your photo with a personal message at http://pardon.bradleymanning.org

2) Write a letter to Convening Authority Major General Jeffrey S. Buchanan 

Maj. Gen. Buchanan has the power to reduce PVT Manning’s sentence for the first 6 months after the trial. Convening Authorities reduce soldiers’ sentences when they believe the court martial failed to deliver justice. We think PVT Manning deserves clemency more than anyone, and we know it’s important to show it!


While our current focus is on the White House petition, that is only the beginning of our effort to demonstrate our support for military whistleblowing to the Commander in Chief. You can write to and call the White House in order to express your views in a more personal manner. You can also help by organizing a letter-writing drive with others in your community!

4) Donate to the appeals process

The legal appeals process is the most important avenue to hold the U.S. military to account for the many ways in which PVT Manning’s due process rights were violated throughout her trial, from the months of unjust and abusive solitary confinement to the utter failure to provide a speedy trial. PVT Manning’s legal defense will target appeals at all of the ways in which PVT Manning’s trial violated her rights under the U.S. Constitution and the UCMJ. Your donation can help support this crucial process.

By contributing, you’ll also be helping to uphold Americans’ right to a speedy trial, to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and to be made fully aware of the nature of the charges against them without fear those charges may change midway through the trial.

5) Write to tell PVT Manning of your support!

Near the end of her trial, PVT Manning expressed gratitude to the countless numbers of supporters who’ve written her letters in prison. Now that the trial is over, she is looking forward to having the ability to write people back.

You can write to PVT Manning at the address below. While the outside of the envelope must be marked “Bradley Manning,” PVT Manning will be happy to accept letters that refer to her with her chosen name Chelsea on the inside.

PVT Bradley E Manning
1300 N Warehouse Rd
Ft Leavenworth KS 66027-2304


11 thoughts on “5 ways to fight back against Army whistleblower PVT Manning’s 35-year sentence

  1. The people who should be in jail, are the ones who kill people to steal their resources! YOU ARE THE TERRORIST, and soon everyone will know that, without a shadow of doubt, thanks to people like Bradley Manning!!!

  2. Bradley,
    I think you are a hero. Thank you. I’m appalled by the was out government is treating you. Doing what i can to make so little money i don’t pay taxes.

  3. Five Ways To Support Heroic Wikileaks Whistle-Blower Private Manning

    *Call (202) 685-2900- Major General Jeffery S. Buchanan is the Convening Authority for Private Manning’s court- martial, which means that he has the authority to decrease the sentence imposed no matter what the judge handed down. Ask General Buchanan to use his authority to reduce the draconian 35 year sentence handed down by Judge Lind.

    Please help us reach all these important contacts: Adrienne Combs, Deputy Officer Public Affairs (202) 685-2900 [email protected]

    Col. Michelle Martin-Hing, Public Affairs Officer (202) 685-4899 [email protected] The Public Affairs Office fax #: 202-685-0706

    Try e-mailing Maj. Gen. Buchanan at [email protected]

    The Public Affairs Office is required to report up the chain of command the number of calls they receive on a particular issue, so please help us flood the office with support for our heroic whistleblower today!

    *Come to our stand-out in support of Private Manning in Central Square, Cambridge, Ma. (Corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Prospect Street near MBTA Redline station) every Wednesday between 5:00-6:00 PM or start a stand-out in your town.

    *Contribute to the Private Manning Defense Fund- now that the trial has finished funds are urgently needed for pardon campaign and for future military and civilian court appeals. The hard fact of the American legal system, military of civilian, is the more funds available the better the defense, especially in political prisoner cases like Private Manning’s. The government had unlimited financial and personnel resources to prosecute Private Manning at trial. And used them as it will on any future legal proceedings. So help out with whatever you can spare. For link go to http://www.bradleymanning.org/

    *Call (Comments”202-456-1111), write The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500, e-mail-(http://www.whitehouse.gov’contact/submitquestions-and comments) to demand that President Obama use his constitutional power under Article II, Section II to pardon Private Manning now.

    *Write letters of solidarity to Private Manning while she is serving her sentence. She wishes to be addressed as Chelsea and have feminine pronouns used when referring to her. Private Manning’s mailing address: Bradley E. Manning, 89289, 1300 N. Warehouse Road, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027-2304. You must use Bradley on the address envelope.

    Private Manning cannot receive stamps or money in any form. Photos must be on copy paper. Along with “contraband,” “inflammatory material” is not allowed. Six page maximum.


    • As a Canadian, and full supported of the USA, GUYS you are on a slippery sloap and if you do not get your act together soon, God knows what will happen to this world. This is just one case of injustice that is not being corrected

  4. Dear Chelsea, I hope that your situation is as good as it possibly could be. I do not know everything about your situation and your thought process in disclosing information, but from the little I’ve read it appears that you did not have any bad intentions. It seems that much of the recent revelations from varied sources have been helpful to the world, disclosing invasions of privacy and circumvention of laws. Best wishes to you.

  5. Thank you for the info, I want to fight hard against her imprisonment. It is both unconstitutional & nauseating. I forwarded this to everyone on my e-mail list.

  6. if you can hear me America and my brothers and sister who love this country to all the politicians if you have any sense of decency or have a conscience I beg you with all my heart let Chelsea go and be free to live her life.please God help her and send your angels to protect her.

  7. It is time now to prosecute those who lied about WMD in Iraq which led to these atrocities by USA and UK. George W Bush, Colin Powell, COndaliza rice, Dick Cheny, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair, all of these have blood on their hand of children of Iraq and Afghanistan. Manning will be absolved by history. Not these guys. They will,be thrown to the dustbin of history as mass mudereres

  8. FREE CHELSEA !!!!!!!!!!! Such an embarrassment to the USA .Blatant admission they are blocking truth and accountability of their actions . Stand behind Manning ,for your country America!

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