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  1. Because of this video, the American soldier Bradley Manning is imprisoned for three years without being prosecuted, or tried, detained at a military base in complete isolation. Although it is known that the principle of due process (due process of law) is one of the pillars of the American legal system (“no one can be deprived of his liberty and property without due process of law”), although it is known that the due process necessarily entails a process that ensures free and adversarial legal defense in a fair and impartial judgment made by a competent authority, the fact is that, in relation to the accused, after more than three years until today nothing happened. In June this year it is expected the start of the Bradley Manning┬┤s trial. This trial, if it occurs, will be a landmark in the field of public international law since it will have to consider the limits of the sovereignty of the United States, if the United States can exercise their military powers, absolutely ignoring human rights, committing flagrant war crimes, as shown in this video. It will also be a test for American society and the media to know where it goes its connivance with these crimes, how far they are willing to hide the crimes committed in the name of the American nation or whether, as in Greek tragedy, how far goes their pretension in looking as innocent acts the most horrendous crimes against humanity. The long awaited trial will define not only the future of the Bradley┬┤s life, but also the future of the image that the United States intends to pass to the world as guardians of human rights, both inside and outside their boundaries

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